Inlägg av Andreas

Photo album: The reindeer race

The last reindeer race for this year had a great mix of participants, including visitors from New York (a journalist for the New York Times), Germany and Australia, as well as locals. Four qualifying races, two semifinals and one final – and then we had a winner. I won my qualification race against Konstantin Tönnies […]

What would the market be…

…without a sudden change of plans caused by some unexpected thing happening? Well… To re-use a phrase from a previous post: That’s what the market is all about. Usually, it is a good thing. But today, it causes the blog to be a bit boring. Here is what happened: I visited the Sami Education Center […]

Friday: Another sunny day!

The second day of the winter market opened up to sunshine and a slightly colder temperature than yesterday. The thermometer shows -20 degrees Celsius, an improvement from the -25 degrees that we had early in the morning. There is not a single cloud in the sky, and once again the streets are full of people. […]