What would the market be…

…without a sudden change of plans caused by some unexpected thing happening? Well… To re-use a phrase from a previous post: That’s what the market is all about. Usually, it is a good thing. But today, it causes the blog to be a bit boring. Here is what happened:

I visited the Sami Education Center as planned, earlier in the afternoon. I saw the great exhibition made by the students, as well as lots of other people showcasing their work. As always, the amount of talent, creativity and tradition is amazing. And there were lots of visitors, even more than I had expected. I’m happy I went there today, because it will probably be even more people in the building tomorrow when the Sami National Day (February 6th) is celebrated. Afterwards, I made yet another full walk around the market area, and got some great photos. But as I got back to my office to publish the photos, I got a phone call from my father who was nearby – and I went out for a car ride around Jokkmokk with him. And when he had dropped me off at home, I realized that the camera (from which I had not yet copied the photos) was still in the office. So, this evening I’m left without the ability to post the photo albums I had in mind. But trust me, I’ll publish them tomorrow – along with highlights from the events tomorrow.

For tonight, I can once again recommend the #jokkmokk page, which features a lot of great photos from Instagram.

Friday: Another sunny day!

The second day of the winter market opened up to sunshine and a slightly colder temperature than yesterday. The thermometer shows -20 degrees Celsius, an improvement from the -25 degrees that we had early in the morning. There is not a single cloud in the sky, and once again the streets are full of people. Once again, my phone turned itself off because of the temperature, but I managed to get two photos of Storgatan (the main street).

2016-02-05 - Friday, 11:30

2016-02-05 - Storgatan by 11:30

In just a moment, the reindeer rajd will pass through the market area, drawing large crowds as it moves along the streets. It will make it a bit of a challenge to pass the spot where it is – but it is of course a part of what the market is all about. It is always nice to see the excitement the rajd causes, especially among visitors who have never been close to (or even seen) reindeers before. If my schedule holds up, I’ll be at the snow stage by this time tomorrow to take photos of this years rajd.

Evening photos from the market area

Photos of the street market after it had been closed for the day, and from the restaurant hut where Sara Ajnnak was signing copies of her new album “Ráhtjat“, just after having finished her last performance for this winter market.

Daylight recedes, but the day is still young…

Back after a second walk around the market area. Still great weather, although it is dark by now. And still a good amount of visitors. I did not bring the camera this time, as I had its battery in the charger, but I’ll make sure to get out again after the street market has closed for the day – as it marks the beginning of the evening and nighttime activities. There are events taking place all over Jokkmokk in the evening (just as during daytime), every day until Saturday.

I had originally planned to make an electronic music performance at the open-air historic museum tonight at 22:30, similar to what I did last year (note: Swedish post), but I’ve had to cancel the event because of technical problems. Instead, I will hopefully be able to do something music-related on Saturday. More about this later…

Saturday, by the way, will be a really exciting day. I have kept my schedule rather open for Friday in order to just do whatever comes to mind, but Saturday is planned hour by hour with things I’m going to do. Probably starting at 10:00 in the morning with the last event starting at 22:30, so it will be a long, long day. Among the things that will happen:

– Adventurer, life wanderer, musician and throat singer Björn Uglem visits the Jokkmokk winter market again! Last time was in 2014 when he hosted an event at Ájtte Museum, participated in the reindeer race and walked around the market area wearing a traditional Alaskan inuit dress. I’m hoping that he can join me for a music performance at the open-air historic museum on Saturday, but again, more about that will be posted later as the details are still not sorted out.

– At 14:00, I will participate in the reindeer race. See the video from last year to get an idea of what the race feels like for a participant!

– At 19:00, I will be heading to Hotel Akerlund for their third and last winter market dinner. Directly after the dinner, I will walk across the street from the hotel to Café Gasskas…

– At 22:30, Kitok, known for hits like “Paradise Jokkmokk”, “Halleluja” and “Norrsken i baren”, performs live at Café Gasskas. The trio made three performances during the 2015 winter market, with the third and last being at Café Gasskas (which was one of the true hightlights for me last year). This time, the Gasskas gig is the only one, and I am not going to miss it!

But that’s Saturday, and right now it feels far away. Now I’m heading out to visit the restaurant huts, meet some friends and find out what people think about the winter market so far. Another photo album will be posted later tonight, stay tuned…

Photos from Thursday, February 4th 2016

Photos from the first day of the Jokkmokk winter market 2016. Sunshine, -11 degrees Celsius, simply beautiful.

…and the market area is open!

The 411th winter market is now taking place in central Jokkmokk. I am just about to go for a first walk through the area, and the weather looks great. It is a bit cloudy, but the sun appears at times – and the temperature is around 12 degrees Celsius. Just perfect conditions for the first market day. I will return with photos from the market later, and I’m also hoping to get to the reindeer race at 14:00 to get some photos and videos. Other plans for the day is to visit the Sami Education Center to see the exhibition of handicraft made by students, one thing I never miss during the winter market.

To see posts and updates from social media about the winter market, check out our #jokkmokk page. It shows public posts to Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #Jokkmokk – and there are already photos from the winter market in the feed.

Photos: The winter market opening ceremony

The 2016 winter market has officially been declared open! The opening ceremony on the snow stage offered speeches, joiks, rap music and honorary awards, and the park was full of people. Here are some photos from the event:

Don’t miss the webcam!

The opening ceremony of the 2016 winter market in Jokkmokk starts in less than an hour. I will of course be there to take photos and record some video. I was planning to broadcast the opening ceremony through Bambuser or through Facebook, but the iPhone that I use for broadcasts doesn’t work when the temperature gets too low. With a current temperature of -22 degrees Celsius, I will need to focus on still photography and shorter video clips. I will post a photo album from the opening ceremony tonight.

Until then, check out the webcam that shows a live feed of a part the market area. As you can see, there are already vendors in place, and people moving around the area. The opening ceremony will take place in the same area (about 50 meters to the right of the passage seen in the webcam), and there will most likely be a lot of people passing the camera during the opening ceremony. Look for people waving to the camera, it happens quite often. If the camera feed doesn’t work (the high traffic may cause some bandwidth problems), try again in a short while.

Webcam from the Jokkmokk winter market

Now, I’m ready to get my warmest jacket on. It is time to get the winter market started!

Photos from Wednesday, February 3rd 2016

The day of the opening ceremony, and the day before the main winter market opens, is a really beautiful day. The temperature has fallen to below -20 degrees Celsius, but the sky is blue and the sun is shining as both visitors and vendors are arriving. The market area has been closed to regular traffic, and there is a general sense of anticipation in the air. If the beautiful weather persists, there are plenty of reasons to expect the market to be a great event.

In the light of the fire

Fire at the open-air historic museum, late afternoon

Fire at the open-air historic museum, late afternoon