Photos: The winter market in black & white

One visitor I talked to on Friday told me that she was surprised by the incredible colors of northern Sweden. She had come here, thinking that the snow is always white and the dark nights makes everything pitch black. She did not expect things like the “blue hour”, which happens early afternoons in the winter when the blue sky gives everything a blue hue, or the beautiful orange sunrises just to give two examples. Once again, the theme for the 2016 winter market was “Midwinter at the Arctic Circle”, and amazing colors come along with the season and the location.

With that said, I want to share a couple of black and white photos that leave out the winter colors. Inspired by large-format photographer Vahid Cullsberg (whose photos can be seen in this post), I got curious about working without colors. Here are some of the photos:

2016-02-04 - Ájtte Museum (black & white, wide angle lens)

2016-02-04 - Destination Jokkmokk and the tourist information (black & white)

2016-02-04 - Östra Torggatan, heading towards Åsgatan and the Åsgård hostel (black & white)

2016-02-04 - Vendor and visitors (black & white)