Video: Walking through the crowd on a winter market Saturday

Filmed on Storgatan, the main street of Jokkmokk, shortly after lunchtime on Saturday, February 6th, 2016. I have a lot of video material, as well as a good set of photos that has not been sorted yet. Not to forget: stories and experiences that I want to write down and share with everyone who is interested in Jokkokk and the winter market.

A million untold stories – Let’s share a few of them!

For example: Australian ambassador Gerald, who won the reindeer race yesterday, has given an interview with Swedish newspaper Expressen where he reveals that he didn’t know that he had been signed up as a parciticipant in the race. The same surprise was given to a New York Times journalist who competed in the very same day (although she fell off the sled and was disqualified).

“What I like the most about the winter market? I’d say meeting all kinds of amazing people…”

– Kim, 62 years, from Umeå

Another example: I got a phone call from a woman who was (since many years) involved in a project I had just finished. She lives in southern Sweden and has not had very much to do with Jokkmokk in the last couple of decades – but after talking to each other for a while she realized that I was the son of one of her classmates from her first year in School in the mid-1960’s. And of course the story behind throat singer and life wanderer Björn Uglem, who has shared his photos from the Saturday reindeer race in a previous post. And all the randomg meetings with people who I would never sit down and have long discussions with if it wasn’t for the winter market where random meetings with people from all over the world often become long-lived memories. One such meeting was with a young (and very drunk) man, who knocked on my office door on Saturday night, asking for help with charging his mobile phone battery. In most cases, I would not have opened the office door if I was working late, but during the winter market everyone do their best to help people in need – and this random meeting ended up creating a lot of fun.

2016-02-05 - Storgatan (the main street) on the second day of the Jokkmokk winter market of 2016

It is impossible to write down even half of all the things I would want to write about, but I will make sure to tell you atleast some of the stories. Not because the stories are interesting or entertaining, but because they are relevant to the topic; The winter market is a very special situation where you will meet a lot of different people – and the welcoming and helpful atmosphere (which I would say is, and has always been, one of the core values of the winter market) will leave many of the visitors – as well as locals – with great memories. Once again, and it can’t be said in any better way, it is one of the things that the market is all about.

Expect a number of follow-up posts during the next couple of days. If you have a winter market story of your own (or a photo, video or any other kind of material) that you would like to share, please get in touch. I’d be happy to post it here!