Want to see more of Swedish Lapland? Make sure to read this magazine…

Let’s go a little bit off-topic for this post… I have got an e-mail from a blog reader with questions about other things (than the winter market) to experience in northern Sweden. I could give a whole lot of suggestions, but what I would really recommend is that you check out the new “Arctic Lifestyle Magazine” (click link to read the magazine online). The magazine, issued by Swedish Lapland, is a great starting point for finding beautiful places to go and exciting things to see.


After reading the magazine, I am sure that it can be really useful and interesting to everyone who is planning (or even just dreaming about) a trip to Jokkmokk and other municipalities in the northernmost part of Sweden. SwedishLapland.com is also a great site, especially through the sub-sections for the different destinations that Swedish Lapland inclosed. For example: http://www.swedishlapland.com/jokkmokk/.

If you have any specific questions regarding activities, accommodation, events, highlights or anything else, I recommend that you contact the tourist information office in the municipality you are planning to visit. For contact information to the tourist information in Jokkmokk, see DestinationJokkmokk.se. The tourist information can also send booklets and brochures to your postal address – and the tourist information office is always a good place to visit as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Update: There is also a great article in the December 2015 edition (#83) of Scan Magazine. The theme is “Winter wonderland”, and it includes articles from Jokkmokk (pages 44-45) as well as from neighbouring municipalities.