Photos from Thursday, February 4th 2016

Photos from the first day of the Jokkmokk winter market 2016. Sunshine, -11 degrees Celsius, simply beautiful.

…and the market area is open!

The 411th winter market is now taking place in central Jokkmokk. I am just about to go for a first walk through the area, and the weather looks great. It is a bit cloudy, but the sun appears at times – and the temperature is around 12 degrees Celsius. Just perfect conditions for the first market day. I will return with photos from the market later, and I’m also hoping to get to the reindeer race at 14:00 to get some photos and videos. Other plans for the day is to visit the Sami Education Center to see the exhibition of handicraft made by students, one thing I never miss during the winter market.

To see posts and updates from social media about the winter market, check out our #jokkmokk page. It shows public posts to Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #Jokkmokk – and there are already photos from the winter market in the feed.

Photos: The winter market opening ceremony

The 2016 winter market has officially been declared open! The opening ceremony on the snow stage offered speeches, joiks, rap music and honorary awards, and the park was full of people. Here are some photos from the event:

Don’t miss the webcam!

The opening ceremony of the 2016 winter market in Jokkmokk starts in less than an hour. I will of course be there to take photos and record some video. I was planning to broadcast the opening ceremony through Bambuser or through Facebook, but the iPhone that I use for broadcasts doesn’t work when the temperature gets too low. With a current temperature of -22 degrees Celsius, I will need to focus on still photography and shorter video clips. I will post a photo album from the opening ceremony tonight.

Until then, check out the webcam that shows a live feed of a part the market area. As you can see, there are already vendors in place, and people moving around the area. The opening ceremony will take place in the same area (about 50 meters to the right of the passage seen in the webcam), and there will most likely be a lot of people passing the camera during the opening ceremony. Look for people waving to the camera, it happens quite often. If the camera feed doesn’t work (the high traffic may cause some bandwidth problems), try again in a short while.

Webcam from the Jokkmokk winter market

Now, I’m ready to get my warmest jacket on. It is time to get the winter market started!

Photos from Wednesday, February 3rd 2016

The day of the opening ceremony, and the day before the main winter market opens, is a really beautiful day. The temperature has fallen to below -20 degrees Celsius, but the sky is blue and the sun is shining as both visitors and vendors are arriving. The market area has been closed to regular traffic, and there is a general sense of anticipation in the air. If the beautiful weather persists, there are plenty of reasons to expect the market to be a great event.

In the light of the fire

Fire at the open-air historic museum, late afternoon

Fire at the open-air historic museum, late afternoon

Photo exhibition: Made by light

Today, the photo exhibition “Made by light” opened at Destination Jokkmokk. It features photos by five local photographers: Vahid Cullsberg, Maria Klang, Gunilla Falk, Tor Lundberg Tuorda and Anders Olofsson. The opening was a very nice event where visitors could meet several of the photographers. All photos in the exhibition are for sale, and the exhibition will remain in place until April.

Photos from Tuesday, February 2nd 2016

Today I made the first out of many walks around the winter market area. Although main market doesn’t start until Thursday morning, the opening ceremony takes place tomorrow at 17:30. So right now, there are a lot of preparations going on all around Jokkmokk. The exception is the historical market at the open-air historic museum, which opened yesterday and which hosts a wide range of events throughout the week, both during daytime and in the evenings. For a full schedule, see the historical market website and the official winter market website. I visited the historical market around lunchtime, at a time when there were only a few people around. There will be a lot more people around tonight, when the musical events start. See the Facebook event here for more information.

I also visited the Ájtte museum and the Sámi Handicraft Foundation, Sámi Duodji, to get a sense of what interesting things I shouldn’t miss later this week. Throughout the walk, I took some photos, so I can now present the first photo album of the 2016 Jokkmokk winter market week:

Coming up next, the opening of the “Made by light” photo exhibition at Destination Jokkmokk…

The official winter market snow sculpture of 2016 is amazing!

Here is a close-up photo of the snow sculpture in the Storgatan – Klockarvägen roundabout, as seen from the southern direction. Click the image to see a larger version of the photo. I have also included a video showing the incredible northern side of the same sculpture, which includes an artificial fire and beautiful light effects.

Jokkmokk Winter Market 2016 - The official winter market snow sculpture (at the Storgatan - Klockarvägen roundabout)

View of a detail from the northern side of the beautiful snow sculpture made for the Jokkmokk winter market 2016

A video posted by Andreas Viklund (@andreasviklund) on Jan 29, 2016 at 5:57pm PST

Video invitation to the winter market

Here is a beautiful video with pictures from the last winter market, created by Anders and Viveca Olofsson and posted to Facebook.

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Jokkmokks VintermarknadHar gjort en liten film, DELA & SPRID denna så vi får lite fart i byn i februari.TRYCK PÅ HD-knappen så blir bildkvalitén mycket bättre

Posted by Anders Och Viveca Olofsson on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Made by light – a photo exhibition at Destination Jokkmokk

Anders Olofsson will be one of five local photographers whose photos are shown in an exhibition called “Made by light” which will be displayed at Destination Jokkmokk during the winter market. The other photographers are Vahid Cullsberg, Maria Klang, Gunilla Falk and Tor Lundberg Tuorda. The exhibitions opens on Tuesday at 16:00. For more information, see the Facebook event.